Anden Stavropoulos
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Anden as seen in the Prodigy graphic novel.
General Information
Birth name: Anden Stravropoulos
Age: 20
Occupation: Elector
Sector: Denver
Fate: Alive
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark and curly
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2"
Father: unnamed Elector Primo (deceased)
Mother: unnamed Princeps (deceased)
Significant Other/s: June Iparis
Enemies: Republic Senate, Patriots

Anden Stavropoulos is the son of Elector Primo and the current Elector following the events of Prodigy. , he wants to change the republic to a safer, more functional place. He also wants to end the war between the Republic and the Colonies and assign a peace treaty. He wants to fix the mistakes his father had made, and make the country prosperous again.


An open-minded and fair individual. He is a kind, handsome, and smart leader who wants less violence.

Love Interest

June Iparis

Anden takes interest in June instantly. June informs him of an assassination plot, and works to gain his trust. The two share a kiss after June takes the lie detector test in Denver. As she spends more time with Anden she realizes how different he is, and how he wishes to change the Republic. Anden wishes to remove the Trial system that divides the nation and also make the Republic a better place. June begins to have doubts, and attempts to send a signal to Day to stop the assassination attempt. When the assassination is stopped, Anden asks June to become his Princeps, his second in command. If June takes the position of the Princeps, she would have to spend years by the side of the Elector.

In Champion it is shown that Anden is still harboring feelings for June so much that eventually they end up kissing in Antarctica. June eventually pulled away during the kiss which made Anden realize that no matter how much he loved her he could never compete against Day because June would always love Day more. Throughout the rest of the book it shows them as close friends, like when June decided to stay with Anden during the Senate meeting rather then fighting with Day. In Champion's epilogue they become a couple when June turns 22 only to break-up 4 years later since June would never love Anden the way he wanted. Even though it is shown that she'll never romantically love him she is still fiercely loyal to him and is the leader of a patrol that guards Anden.

Physical Appearance

Anden is tall with olive skin, dark curly hair, and green eyes. He is also said to have some Asian blood in him.