Antarctica is a country introduced in Champion when Anden and June traveled there for assistance in the war. Antarctica has built climate control domes over their cities, including their capitol Ross City, to allow its citizens to go outside without freezing to death. The dome simulates a warm summertime like temperature  with slight breezes. Ross CIty is a very advanced in technology with things like magnetically controlled landing docks, and virtual internet searches. Citizens are implanted with computer chips that allow them to see holographic images around themselves. The chip also acts as a universal translator for all languages so visitors can communicate easily.  According to Ross Cities leaders, life is like a video game. Basically whenever you do something good you, get a point; whenever you do something bad, you get a point deducted. You can level up, and when you get enough points, the higher your level is. The higher the level, the better the jobs you get. Better jobs pay more.

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