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General Information
Occupation: Patriot Runner
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair: Dyed Blond
Skin: Dark Bronze
Romances: Tess

Baxter is a Patriot Runner that was introduced in Prodigy.


He has a shock of dyed blond hair spiked up into a faux hawk, dark bronze skin, and a slight hunch to his broad, hulking shoulders, as if he’s permanently ready to pounce. A chunk of flesh is missing from his earlobe.




Throughout all of Prodigy Baxter would bully Day. Even going as far as to get into a fist fight with him. He also didn't like Day because Day trusted the former Republic soldier, June Iparis.

Love Interests


It is hinted throughout all of Prodigy that there might be some feelings between the two of them but those feelings on Tess' side were most likely stopped when Baxter got into a fight with Day.

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