• Sapphirefortheangeloficegays2127


    I love Tess so goddamn much she is my heart and soul and i related to her so much the first time i read the series

    And i get it, kissing Day was "more than sisterly love" but you know what? she was 14 and confused and abused and abandoned.

    She didnt know how to explain her emotions. she was just a child

    And if you think she was clingy? no wonder. she was abused and abandoned. she has A reASON

    So please guys stop beating down on her just because she kissed day. that's stupid af. you can have real reasons not to like her. but "she kissed day!111`!1!1!!!!!1" is not one.

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  • Asnow89
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  • HerondaleCarstairs

    This is my fancast for Marie Lu's epic piece of art: The Legend Series.

    You'll have to click on the links to get to the pictures. Sorry for the inconvenience but whenever I try to add them here, it just messes it all up.

    Here we go, then:

    Day Wing: Mitch Hewer (age: 24)

    Click here to see picture

    June Iparis: Georgie Henley (age: 18)

    Click here to see picture

    Anden Primo: Max Irons (age: 28)

    Click here rto see picture

    Tess: Ella Purnell (age: 17)

    Click here to see picture

    Eden Wing: Ty Simpkins (age: 12)

    Click here to see picture

    Metias Iparis: Ben Barnes (age: 32)

    Click here to see picture

    Thomas Bryant: Josh Bowman (age: 25)

    Click here to see picture

    Commander Jameson: Charlize Theron (age: 38)

    Click here to see picture

    Kaede: Maggie Q (age: 34)

    Click here …

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