The Chancellor of the Colonies is one of the antagonists in Champion. He is "cold and calculating," and he seems to be very intelligent. Many readers speculate he is a robot or cyborg because his eyes are said to be "mechanical" (although that may have been a metaphor).


During the battle between the Republic and the Colonies (around Batalla Sector), the Chancellor contacts Day via hospital phone call and essentially threatens him to get the people on his side (Day could "control" the people as he is known as their hero) or else he would hurt June.

Day plans a fake surrender message to the city, but the Chancellor suspects his trick and has him do the message broadcast on a Colonies airship (so he couldn't escape if he said something bad). However, Day actually rouses the people to fight for the Republic at the end of a misleading speech. The Chancellor is outraged but Day manages to escape.

Towards the end of the book he tries to capture June and Eden so he can have full control of Day due to his undying loyalty to the people he cares about. He fails and is ultimately forced into a peace treaty with the Republic. It is unknown how he felt after all this.