The Confederate States of Africa
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Map of The Confederate States of Africa

The Confederate States of Africa was one of the Colonies allies in Champion. They sent in jets and soldiers to help defeat The Republic so much that the Republic was almost conquered. According to Champion, they and Antarctica are rivals which is why Anden and June sought out their help to defended against Africa and the Colonies.

Pre-Legend Timeline

Map of africa

The continent of Africa, before the disaster.

Before the events of the Legend series, the continent of Africa was composed of 54 nations. Out of the entire world, Africa was the poorest continent with its nations suffering from wars, poverty, government corruption, and inequality. Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa were arguably the powerhouses of the continent, as economically and militarily were the most powerful players.

Africa is said to be the cradle of civilization, as the first homo sapiens are said to have originated from the African continent. Africa is rich in minerals such as diamonds and gold, and is one of the most ethnically diverse continents in the entire world. This has led to many problems however, as the arbitrary borders drawn up by the colonial European powers during the Scramble for Africa had divided up the many ethnic groups into different countries, creating the perfect scenario for war. In our timeline, Africa harbors the youngest nation of South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan on 2011.

Legend timeline

In the Legend timeline, the natural disasters that devastated the world had little to no effect on the African continent. While some coastal areas were flooded, and islands such as Madagascar, Seychelles, Sao Tome and Principe, Comoros, and Mauritius were all but decimated, the African continent, geographically at least, stayed intact. The resulting refugee crisis from the disaster saw millions from surrounding nations to flee to the continent, causing a mass exodus of highly educated individuals to flood Africa.

At some point in time, the remaining African nations united into one single entity, and quickly modernized due to its highly skilled immigrant workforce boosting the nation's economy. A unified Africa in the Legend timeline is a powerful nation that is considered a world superpower. The african superpower is also an ally to the colonies in taking down the republic.

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