Eden Bataar Wing
General Information
Birth name: Eden Bataar Wing
Age: 9 (Legend)

12 (Champion)

21-22 (Champion Epilogue)

Sector: Lake
Fate: Alive
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair: blonde, curly
Eyes: Purple (Legend, Prodigy, Champion)

Bright blue (Life After Legend)

Father: Taylor Arslan Wing (deceased)
Mother: Grace Wing (deceased)
Siblings: John Suren Wing (Deceased)

Daniel Wing

Eden Bataar Wing is the youngest brother of Day and John. He caught a mutated version of The Plague. When June led Soilders to Day's house, Eden was taken for experimentation. In Prodigy, he was nearly blind and even with glasses, he had trouble seeing. 

In Champion, when the Colonies demanded a cure from the Republic in order to cure the mutated plague that spread to the east coast, Eden was taken because he was initially thought to have the cure in his blood (due to the fact that he became immune to the mutated plague). When it was discovered that he didn't have the cure, they took June to see if she could have the medicine in her instead. As a result, Eden was in a wheelchair temporarily from the experimentation. 

After the peace treaty was drafted between the Colonies and Republic at the end of Champion and the United City's were created on the country border, Eden was offered a place in one of the engineering academies in Ross City at the age of 12. He remained in Ross City for the next ten years until the age of 21-22, when he returned to Batalla to interview for an engineering position. 

Physical Appearance

In Legend, Eden has purple-black eyes because they are bleeding and has a lack of vision because of his sickness. The doctors gave him black glasses and it helps him see the walls and the light. He originally had blue eyes and shares the same light, blonde hair as his brothers except his hair is curly. He is partly Caucasian, but dominantly Mongolian, like his father.