The most important character in the holy novel trinity. His buff arms carry June to safety in her time of need, and eventually end up squishing Day when he is arrested. In the novel, it is implied that John Cena is a cannibal and watches vore hentai when John says "Nicholas Cage and I had something going on the side, but it was only after I ate him that he had the guts to break up with me". It was at that moment Metais knew he needed to kill John Cena. Metais plotted to assasinate John Cena with his Gay lover Thomas. Thomas felt bad for assisting the murder of his ex, John Cena, so in Champion, Thomas rats Metais out to the gestapo, and he is arrested and stabbed. John Cena immigrates to North Korea and he is never seen again.

IMG 1581

In Champion, John Cena breaks down and cries because his Wifi router has cut off and he can no longer watch hentai to beat his meat to.

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