John Wing
General Information
Birth name: John Suren Wing
Age: 19
Sector: Lake
Fate: Deceased
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Father: Taylor Arslan Wing (deceased)
Mother: Grace Wing (deceased)
Siblings: Daniel Altan Wing (younger brother)

Eden Bataar Wing (younger brother)

John was the only member of the Wing family who knew that Day was alive after he "failed" his trial. It is said that John was waiting for Day when he passed his Trials.

He had difficulties with reading, which is the reason why he barely passed his own trial; in Prodigy it is revealed that he was smart but he was dyslexic.

Day expresses a lot of times across the trilogy that John was a very selfless person and that he had a very protective nature about his mother and brothers, much so that he took Day's place before the firing squad in Legend and died to save him. Day constantly revisits John's violent death, which he viewed on the JumboTrons around the Republic.

Day was traumatized by John's death, but June told him that John gave his life so that Day could escape and later on save Eden, their little brother, who had the plague.

Physical Appearance

John looks a lot like Day, having blue eyes and blond hair. He was slightly taller than Day. They had small facial differences, unnoticeable unless compared side-by-side. Day also had a slight hunch in his shoulders, whereas John is more straight-backed.