Natasha Jameson
General Information
Birth name: Natasha Jameson
Occupation: Leader
Sector: Los Angeles
Fate: Dead
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Hair: Blond
Commander Natasha Jameson is a high-ranking officer in The Republic and the commanding officer of Metias Iparis, Thomas Bryant and later, June Iparis


Commander Jameson was in charge of Metias' and Thomas' military group. She organized Metias' funeral after he was killed supposedly by Day. June joins her troupe as a detective to find Day and Jameson is helping her.

Jameson later congratulates June on locating Day and bringing him in. After June helps Day escape, she is enraged.


She is later revealed to have ordered Thomas to murder Metias on account that he hacked into The Republic database illegally. In Prodigy, along with Razor she tried to kill the new Elector. Because of this she was thrown into jail at the end of the book.


During the events of Champion, she escapes the jail with Thomas by the help of a pair of soldiers, acting as door guards, from the Colonies. During the seige of Denver by the Colonies, she acts as a spotter for them, spewing information about the stabilization of the Republic.

While in Ruby sector with the intent of capturing June in order to gain status within the Colonies, she is followed by June to where she attempts to capture June but has to flee in order to not be captured by the Republic soldiers that Anden assigned for June as backup.

In the battle of Los Angeles she is seen fighting on a rooftop alongside soldiers of the Colonies, opening fire on the civilians and soldiers of the Republic who where evacuating out of the hospital that was under attack. June notices she has marked her final target, Day, and tries to put a bullet through her head but misses. The two then engage in a desperate hand-to-hand battle to which June believes was meant to happen since the night Metias was killed. They battle it out until Jameson corners June at the edge of the rooftop. She lunges at June but is flung over the edge as June reverses her attack. She is then dangling from a rooftop, hanging on to June's arm, dislocating it. June yells in distress for the Republic soldiers to fire at the Commander. Once they lift their weapons, she spits at June, "I knew you couldn't do it." They fire, she releases June's arm, and plummets to the concrete floor, which June then closes her eyes to avoid seeing her lifeless body.