Colonies Seal

The Colonies Seal

The Colonies of America is a formidable nation that rose up from the former United States of America. The Colonies are originally described as a utopia, with no slums, and equality for all. The truth, however, is far from that. Many people are still poor, the police have little to no respect for the citizens, and rules are very strict. The leader of the Colonies is the Chancellor. Advertisements are everywhere in The Colonies, featuring their companies (see below).

The Colonies are split into four states/companies:

  • Cloud Corp.
  • Meditech
  • DesCon Corp.
  • Evergreen Enterprises


Edited Map (Legend) with names

The Colonies of America (in blue)

Following the collapse of the United States, the land was divided up into two nations: The Republic of America and The Colonies of America. At first, the two nations were at peace, but when the Republic put up a wall that blocked refugees from the Colonies from entering, the Colonies declared war on the Republic and the two were at war for many years on the Colonies-Republic border called "the Warfront". However, with Day's declaration of loyalty to the Republic, the Colonies' people switched sides and the Colonies were forced to stop fighting. The Colonies were formed when riots broke out in all cities in the East when the U.S. government couldn't repay debts it owed because of the flood of 2046. The cities then declared to loyalty to the military corporation DesCon corp, which, along with 13 other corporations, took control of the U.S. and turned it into the Colonies of America. After a series of mergers, the Colonies are ruled by 4 corporations: Cloud corp, DesCon corp, Meditech, and Evergreen Enterprises.

Peace Treaty

In Champion, the third book of The Legend Trilogy, a plague breaks out in the Colonies and the nation believes that the Republic is at fault for the disease, thus the peace treaty is provoked and the two nations are at peace once again.


As of Champion, the plague has spread to the Colonies, and the blame is on the Republic.


In terms of culture, the Colonies and the Republic differ from each other greatly. Whilst the Republic is very secretive about the world around them, the Colonies' people know much about the world.